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Browlift in Bangkok

Give yourself a smoother forehead and more relaxed appearance with the help of a browlift.


The browlift is a procedure designed to enhance the appearance of your face by opening the eyes, and improving the shape of the brows. It is done by repositioning the muscles that cause the dropping of the eyebrows, furrows and creases in your forehead. 

Browlift: the brow–lid complex, a key component in facial appearance

There is no doubt that the brow–lid complex is the key component in facial appearance. As part of the periorbital region, the brows are defined as the superior boundaries from the equator of the eye to the upper eyelid (the two function as a unit). They touch both the temple and glabella, and serve as part of the “frame” that defines the eye. The eyes aspect give the gaze, which is one of the first thing other people notice about us. In fact, it’s hard to find a more important area of your face—and yet its importance is often overlooked by patients who spend their time focusing on other areas when they come in for a consultation with their surgeon.

Eyebrows are the most expressive part of your face, and they can tell a lot about what you’re feeling:

When your eyebrows are in harmony with each other and the face, they’ll convey a positive emotion about you. However, if your eyebrows are slightly out of balance, they may convey that you’re surprised or even shocked by something, mean or sad.

Your brows can also indicate whether or not, you’re tired or aged. When your brows are high above your eyes with a slight downward slope on either side, it’s a sign that you’re tired—but if they’re too high or too low (or if there’s asymmetry between the two), it can make you look surprised or confused instead of tired.

Your eyebrows also reveal how alert or intelligent you seem to be: higher brows suggest more alertness than lower ones would, but if taken even higher then, an unintelligent appearance results (kind of like when someone guesses at something). Asymmetries in elevated position create an inquisitive look (like when someone screws up their face in concentration).

As you understand, the shape of our eyebrows can have a huge impact on how others perceive us and react to us. When we’re talking about brow aesthetic surgery, ideally this means creating a more youthful, peaceful, attractive face. The ideal positioning of the eyebrows is relative to the eye and the gender (the sex of the patient). In males, the eyebrow should sit closer to the top rim of the eye than in females, where it should be situated higher up in the face.

The Procedures

Browlifts can be performed on their own, or in conjunction with facelifts, eye lifts, neck lifts, and even mini facelifts. Browlifts are of great help to correct loose skin and sagging fat in the upper face region including the forehead, lateral (outside) brow, medial (inside) brow, and upper eyelids. This procedure can also be used to remove excess hair growth from around the eyebrows—a condition known as “unibrow” or “eyebrow hairline.”

The browlift through an upper eyelid, is best performed at the same time as an upper blepharoplasty. During this procedure, the corrugator muscles, responsible for frowning, are worked on, or severed, and fat may be redistributed or removed. This type of browlift does not raise the brows as much as the others but it is an effective way to get rid of the “furrows” without making additional incisions.

These are different techniques to address the needs of the repositioning of the soft tissues to give you the best looks. Dr. Chartchai is well versed in all these techniques. During your consultation with him, he will be able to observe you and to discuss your wishes to help you decide which approach, or what combinations of techniques are best suited to give you the expected results.

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Open Foreheadplasty (Coronal browlift)

The open (coronal) browlift involves a very long incision usually within the scalp but may be done at the hairline. It is useful when there is a significant amount of loose skin within the forehead and the eyebrows have descended a great deal. The excessive skin can be repositioned or removed; the scar can be camouflaged in the hairline. It is a good choice for patients with deeply wrinkled foreheads or high foreheads. Good candidates have a high hairline with good scalp mobility, good hair and no previous surgery made on the scalp.

It is contraindicated for smokers, those with a rigid scalp, or with asymmetric brows, patients with thin hair or who have had hair transplants already done.

Recovery time:

Bruising may appear up to 2 weeks after the surgery, sutures and drains are removed a week after the surgery.

Possible complications:

This type of browlift, if not carefully and circumspectly done, can result in a wide-eyed look or excessively large forehead. When the incisions are not carefully planned or done, hair loss might occur at the site of the scars. The surgery might result in a loss of sensation to the touch in some patients. Some post-operative itching sensation behind the scars in some patients are common. 

Endoscopic Browlift

The endoscopic browlift combines manual dissection with use of an endoscopic camera attached to a video monitor to visualize the dissection and work needed to be done. Albeit described as minimally invasive, only the scars are minimal. This is where the considerable skill to achieve satisfactory results and to avoid motor nerves injury is critical. Short incisions (4 to 5) are usually placed longitudinally (from back to front) within the scalp tissue, normally right behind the hairline when possible. This procedure might sound straight forward, but there is great surgical work and expertise involved in making it successful.

Best candidates are young patients with low to normal hairlines, not so severe wrinkles and muscles problems. It is considered less useful but not ruled out in older patients, or those with high hairlines. Also indicated in thin-skinned men, extremely thick sebaceous skin, and very heavy, low brows.

Smaller incisions lead to faster recovery time, there is minimal loss of hair and less damage to micro nerves.

Recovery time:

Bruising may appear up to 2 weeks post op. If you are returning to a strenuous work, you may have to wait as long as 4 weeks before resuming physical efforts.

Possible complications:

Any good surgeon would know how to best work to minimize the risks involved in this surgery: an inadequate or asymmetrical elevation of one or two of the eyebrows, an injury to the motor nerve running through the scalp and forehead, or some hair loss around the incision sites.

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Upper Eyelid Browlift (Browpexy)

The browlift through an upper eyelid (Browpexy) is performed during a blepharoplasty. It is a combination of both and they enhance and complement each other. On this occasion, the corrugator muscle, the fat deposits around the eyes and the thin skin of the eyelid are worked on. It is an effective technique to get rid of the furrows without the need for additional incisions.

 Recovery time:

Bruising may appear up to 4 weeks post operation, but the results make it worth it.

Possible complications:

Choosing an expert surgeon is primordial to avoid the removal of too much skin, rendering the closing of the eyes difficult.

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