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Cosmetic Surgery in Bangkok

We are your best choice for Cosmetic Surgery in Bangkok

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With Dr. Chartchai Rattanamahattana

"One of the finest plastic surgeon in Thailand"

Plastic Surgery with Metro Beauty Centers

Metro Beauty Centers acts as a go-between patients and one of the finest plastic surgeon in Thailand: Dr. Chartchai Rattanamahattana. Dr. Chartchai performs his surgeries at the Samitivej Hospital on Sukhumvit.

Competence in surgery, regardless of the discipline, depends on a detailed understanding of anatomy and physiology, an appreciation for aesthetics, and a mastery of surgical skills. As one of the top star plastic surgeons in Thailand, Dr. Chartchai Rattanamahattana checks all these boxes. He is our surgeon of choice for the excellency of his work, and the gushing over from patients who have been operated on by him under our recommendations, is here to tell.

Dr. Chartchai has full privilege access to the Samitivej Hospital, one of the top 3 hospitals in Thailand. He does not fall under the same pricing rules as other surgeons, as he is not competing in the same field. His fee will be the same, whatever establishment you would book for his time with, however, booking through us is a guarantee of a precious personal assistance to make the best out of it.

Patient assessment

Our work is to understand your desires and goals, and to use our expertise to help in your endeavour. Some patients may present their requests alone but fail to express other requirements resulting in poor outcomes. Some patients may express a desire for a change that may be vague or inadequate, and would benefit from more in-depth information or suggestions to reach the best decisions to make for their particular desire. We understand plastic surgery procedures, optimal proportions, and are able to preliminarily assist the patients in the process of the decision making of what they wish to achieve.

Surgery quotation

It can only be customized on a case by case basis, based on visual examination via emailed photos (free of charge) or virtual consultation (chargeable service). Dr. Chartchai consultation’s fee is around 2,000 baht, nursing and hospital fees are 400 baht.

Contact us for more details.

Facelift in Bangkok


A face lift is a versatile and indispensable element in the rejuvenation of the midface. It can address several anatomical changes due to aging under one intervention.

Eyelid Surgery in Bangkok

Eyelid Surgery

The area around the eyelids is one of the first to give way to the passage of years. An eyelid surgery is meant to address an aesthetic deficit or a loss of function due to drooping skin.

Browlift Surgery in Bangkok


Browlift permits to work on the appearance of the forehead, the upper third of a face. It allows for an attenuation of the wrinkles and creases, and smooth frowned or falling eyebrows.

Facial Implants Cosmetic Surgery in Bangkok

Facial Implants

When the chin or the tip of the nose are weak, the bearer might appear less attractive. Implants are a solution for a lifetime of restored enjoyment.

Neck-lifts Cosmetic Surgery in Bangkok


Lipodystrophy, jowls, turtle neck or turkey wattles, these changes occur in the neck as a result of skin laxity. Dr. Chartchai reclaim your youthful looks with a customized neck-lift operation.

Fat Transfer Cosmetic Surgery in Bangkok

Fat Transfer

Fat grafting provides excellent outcome when coming as an aid to the structure of your face. To restore sunken cheeks, Dr. Chartchai applies advanced techniques of fat graft so as to ensure a very natural and pleasing aesthetic.

Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation or breast implantation is a procedure in which doctors insert silicone or saline filled breast implants under the breasts to make them larger.