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Thread Lift in Bangkok

Say goodbye to baggy skin, jowls, and drooping tissue, and say hello to a fabulous new you. Thread Lifting in Bangkok now is easy with Metro Beauty Centers

Thread Lifting in Bangkok is available at Metro Beauty Centers

What are Thread Lifts?

Thread lifts are quick procedures with no or minimal downtime that fill the gap between invasive, elective facelift surgeries and cosmetic treatments, such as skin resurfacing and injections of hyaluronic acid gels. They are versatile and used in different facial areas to adress problems of skin laxity but do not address serious losses of facial volume however. 

Why Metro Beauty Centers

We are your best choice for thread lifts in Bangkok because you:

Can rest assured you will have a safe procedure

Our thread lifting for face procedures are performed only by highly trained medical professionals.

Go through a discreet procedure with imperceptible marks

Our minimally invasive technique makes use of absorbable sutures that don’t leave indications you’ve had a procedure.

Get guaranteed results from proven expertise

We have high standards in our holistic approach, choice of products, and a deep understanding of the techniques.

Enjoy a truly tailored experience and treatment

We make sure to have an intimate understanding of your unique physiology and overall goals before we start any treatment.

Thread Lifting in Bangkok

Types of thread options for Thread Lifts offered in Bangkok

There are different types of threads used in thread lifting procedures, as follows:

Polylactic acid (PLA) threads

  • Absorptive threads have been used in cardiac surgery over many years and are safe and reliable
  • Absorbed within twelve to eighteen months
  • More expensive than PDO threads

Polydioxanone (PDO) threads

  • Absorptive threads have been used in cardiac surgery over many years and are safe and reliable
  • Absorbed within six to seven months
  • Benefits last as long as with PLA threads
  • Known as “third-generation” threads

Floating PDO threads

They are smooth and short and can be inserted in a netting/scaffolding pattern right under the epidermis. They help in the rejuvenation of the skin and lipolysis as they can be useful to get rid of some superficial fatty deposits.

Cogs PDO threads

They come in various designs and are serrated and longer. They are meant to pull and lift and the latest generation of barbed PDO threads also have a longer-lasting effect.

What can you expect during your Thread Lift treatment?

During the treatment

In the case of a procedure with Barbeb PDO threads, a local anesthetic will be first given (both topical and injections). Then the barbed threads are inserted and placed deep into the dermis via a sterile cannula following a pattern that has been decided by the specialist, per the desired results.

Once done, they are then pulled up, the barbs and twists ensure the anchoring of the threads into the sublayers of the skin. The lifting effect is finalized with the suturing of these threads. They will dissolve naturally, at which point, a body response will be triggered into producing more collagen helping with the further firming of the dermis.

After the treatment

Immediately after the procedure, the lifting effect of the PDO thread lift can be noticed. The effects are quick, safe, long-lasting, and able to improve on other aspects in time, as the body responds to the procedure.

A month afterward, the tightening, the volumetric effect on the skin, the brightening, and the reduction of the pore openings will be visible. Within 2 months, the effects of the fibroblast activation due to the reaction of the cells to the procedure will increase the production of elastin and collagen in the treated area. Soon after this, the absorption of the PDO threads would have started to be replaced with new cells.

Aesthetic Clinic Bangkok Best Thread Lift at Metro Beauty Centers

Prices for Thread Lifts at Metro Beauty Centers in Bangkok

Cogs threads PDO (Super Barbs, Minerva, Miracu or White Medience from Korea) is 3,000 THB per thread or 3,500 THB for PCL threads. Patients usually need between 4 and 12 threads, depending on skin condition and expected results.

Monofilament threads (Double, Tornado, Screw, Minerva and Miracu from Korea), price range varies between 10,000 THB and 60,000 THB, depending on how many threads are needed.

Relife Definisse (Italy), double needle PLA-CL threads (12 or 23 cm), price range varies between 45,000 THB and 65,000 THB.

HIKO Nose with PDO or PCL threads, price range varies between 15,000 THB and 28,000 THB