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Neck-lift in Bangkok

Improve the aesthetics of your jaws and neck with a neck-lift. This procedure offers very satisfying results without a long period of recovery.

What is a neck-lift?

A neck-lift is a procedure that works to lift or improve the appearance of the neck, which tend to show unwanted signs of aging more quickly than other areas on the body. The procedure can be performed with various plastic surgery techniques, including skin removal, tightening of underlying muscles, and repositioning or resizing of fat deposits. A neck-lift is usually performed under general anesthesia and takes between 2-3 hours, depending on the extent of your desired results. You’ll have to stay overnight in the hospital after your surgery, but you should be able to go back home the day after if all goes well during recovery time post-procedure.

Three surgical techniques to beautify the neck

A drooping chin and a disappearing neck line are problems that can be corrected. Dr. Chartchai can help you get back to looking your best with his three procedures: liposuction to remove bulky fat deposits; incisions behind the ears or with one under the chin to remove excess skin; tightening of sagging bands or cords of the platysma and digastric muscles.

Some people will first notice that they no longer have a clean chin and neck line. Perhaps they no longer see their necks because of significant fatty deposits around the chin and neck. In the extreme, they will notice severe skin droops and folds that create what’s known as a turkey neck.

How to decide what is good for you

If you’re unhappy with prominent bands in your neck due to sagging neck muscles, you should consider how these procedures might improve your appearance and self-esteem. A neck-lift is not able to stop the aging process from progressing; however, it can reverse signs of aging in some cases by 10-15 years or more! If you’re interested in learning more about how this procedure could help with your own personal aesthetic goals for longevity going forward then please contact us today for additional information about how we can help.

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Possible issues after having a neck-lift surgery

Neck-lift side effects are often temporary, but it is important to know that they can happen. The most common side effects of a neck-lift include bruising, swelling, bleeding, numbness, discomfort or tightness, and possible infection.

Temporary loss of sensation or a feeling of tightness might occur due to the body adjusting to the feeling of newly repositioned connective tissues. Other more serious complications can also occur including nerve injury/damage and increased risk for blood clots. The recovery process following a necklift is a direct result of the surgical technique used and not the anesthesia type.

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Recovery from neck-lift surgery, what to expect, what to prepare for

Neck-lift patients experience a period of bruising, swelling, and redness around the incision sites. The duration of these recovery steps varies according to the type of procedure, the extent of the neck-lift, and the natural healing capacity of each individual patient. You should expect these things to occur, though, and be prepared to ice, rest, and take proper care of the area as it heals.

Most of your recovery will take place within the first 8 weeks post-operatively; however it is common for patients to experience slight residual swelling and changes in skin sensation for up to a year after surgery.

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