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What is Thread Lift?
Here's All You Need to Know

We have all heard about botox, facial fillers, and heat-based machine treatments such as Ultherapy and HIFU. But have you heard about thread lifts? It’s a safe and popular non-surgical procedure that magically lifts and tightens skin, revitalising one’s appearance almost in an instant. But before you decide that thread lifting is too scary a proposition, read on to find out why the treatment’s popularity has sky-rocketed in recent years.

Thread Lifts: Why the treatment is popular?

The number of satisfied patients has made thread lifting much more than a passing trend. Here’s more information. For those unfamiliar with the treatment (which can be completed in 45 minutes to an hour) thread lifts first found popularity within the Korean aesthetic industry, and has since been also well-received throughout Southeast Asia and the world.

Metro Beauty Centers: Specialist in thread lift procedures

Metro Beauty Centers in Bangkok considers thread lift procedures one of their specialist treatments, having crafted desired and long-lasting transformations of patients from around the world who decided to have their treatments at the clinic.

Benefits of Thread Lifting: More than skin tightening

Thread lifting has multiple benefits. Besides skin tightening, shaping and defining the face, threads can be applied on areas such as arms, thighs, stomach and yes, even buttocks. For parts of the body with more surface areas, a greater quantity of threads will be used to create improved appearance of skin through lifting and tightening.

Choosing the right threads

Thread lifting has multiple benefits. Besides skin tightening, shaping and defining the face, threads can be applied on areas such as arms, thighs, stomach and yes, even buttocks. For parts of the body with more surface areas, a greater quantity of threads will be used to create improved appearance of skin through lifting and tightening.

Let’s begin with what types of threads are available —there is a selection to choose from. Each type of thread has specific characteristics, functions, and benefits. Read on to find out about this exciting procedure.

different types of threads

What are mono threads?

These are smooth, floating threads that don’t have barbs. Mono threads assist to correct skin sagginess and laxity. They are especially beneficial when placed in a mesh formation in areas such as the neck, forehead and cheeks. The effects of mono threads include skin tightening and rejuvenation by activating collagen production around the thread once it’s been administered into the skin. Doctors skilled in thread lifting procedures will work towards attaching the threads to a specific point under the skin that ‘anchors’ it. This creates a stimulation of collagen generation that tightens and rejuvenates skin. However, mono threads don’t have the effect of lifting skin.

What are screw/tornado threads?

The second variation is known as screw or tornado threads. These come in both single or double intertwined versions that come with the inserting needle. Tornado threads are known for excellent volumizing effects around sunken or hollow areas of the face. These babies are the kinds of threads that take five to seven years off your face! These intertwining threads work just as their name implies. They can be likened to face-lifting‘ tornados’.

What are cog threads?

These are a variation of mono threads with the difference of being able to ‘hook’ to the underside of skin. Cog threads feature barbs that offer structural support to parts of the face and body that are sagging. These threads work without the need for anchoring points —a major difference from mono threads. With cog threads, collagen will form around the threads and the barbs, which make these threads work beautifully for lifting and defining one’s jawline.

What are threads for face lift ing made from? PDO PLLA PCL

What are threads made from?

Depending on the types of threads, materials such as Polydioxanone (PDO), Poly-L-Lactic Acid (PLLA) and Polycaprolactone (PCL) are used. These terms might sound extremely scientific and complex. So let us help you better understand what these terms mean.

PDO threads are by far the most well-known; in fact, it’s the industry’s most widely used. They are composed of a synthetic absorbable suture with effects that last four to six months.

PLLA threads, on the other hand, are created from synthetic non-absorbable sutures —the opposite of the types of stitches used in surgical operations that autonomously dissolve. PLLA threads last up to 18 months, during which time skin will look lifted and full of volume.

PCL threads, the third variety currently available in the market, is absorbable. The difference between PCL and PLLA threads is that the former is more well-received by patients as they are softer, and as a result, patients feel less friction or tugging. The benefits of PCL threads last over two years. This is because the chemical bonds and structure are not easily dissolved. Some extra benefits: PCL threads not only last longer, they are also optimised to stimulate a superior quality of collagen. This collagen-stimulation process with PCL threads continues for up to one year after the threads are dissolved, more so than with PDO or PLLA threads.

pcl thread lifting how it works

Why is thread lifting popular?

Thread lifting is a procedure that has seen immense appeal over the years. This is largely due in part to the dominance of Korean aesthetics and popular culture in the media, including universally popular Korean television drama series. Both techniques and materials used by doctors administering the treatment only gets better as time goes by.

But it’s essential to select a doctor who has experience in thread lifting such as the medical team at Metro Beauty Centers. These days, thread lifting is deemed as routine and safe non-surgical procedures the results of which are near instantaneous. Facial sagging is corrected in mere minutes, and the benefits of the treatment increases as the months progress.

Patients who opt for thread lifting treatments consult with the doctor first to discern the issues they would like fixed. The most suitable type(s) of threads are then recommended. Treatments are almost painless as local anaesthetic cream is applied prior.

A consultation with one of Metro Beauty Center’s team of experienced doctors ensures that your thread lifting procedure results in the desired effects. Our skilled doctors are both well-trained and have an eye for a person’s true beauty. They craft proportions and contours of both face and body that are unique to each person. So each patient will emerge from the procedure the best looking version of themselves in the most efficient amount of time. This is the beauty of thread lifts.

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