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Thermage in Bangkok

Transform your skin into a collagen-producing powerhouse for tighter and younger looking skin. Thermage in Bangkok is available with Metro Beauty Centers

What is Thermage®?

Thermage® is a non-surgical approach to skin tautening and rejuvenation in mild to moderate facial and somatic skin laxity.

The Thermage technology makes use of monopolar capacitive radiofrequency (RF). This technology allows to selectively bring heat to the lower layer of the dermis while preserving the integrity of the epidermis. The heat breaks down the hydrogen bonds in the water molecules of the collagen below, and the skin engages a defensive response that will produce more collagen in return.

Why Metro Beauty Centers

We are your best choice for Thermage in Bangkok because you:

Can be confident that you are in good hands

Our practicians have opted and been specifically trained to use Thermage Comfort Pulse Technology™ (CPT) with Total Tip 3.0.

Can rest assured your comfort is our no.1 priority

We will adjust the intensity level to your pain sensitivity to ensure a bearable experience.

Get guaranteed results from proven expertise

We have high standards in our holistic approach, choice of products, and a deep understanding of the techniques.

Enjoy a truly tailored experience and treatment

We make sure to have an intimate understanding of your overall goals and unique physiology before we start any treatment.

Thermage in Bangkok Metro Beauty Centres

Is Thermage right for you?

A good candidate for Thermage® should not be too fat as the results won’t be noticeable nor should the candidate be very skinny as the effects of Thermage® might be too accentuated. The treatment’s rendering usually spans from one to a couple of years, and can be part of an annual maintenance procedure, and might be coupled with other interventions for optimal results.

If you would like to find out if you are a good candidate for Thermage treatment, you are welcome to reach out to us to talk to one of our experts today.

Treatment cost: 85 000 THB for 1 200 pulses.