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The right way to think about getting a plastic surgery

Value is the subjective relationship between the perceived benefit and perceived cost of a product or service.

Value = perceived benefit / cost

Francois Le Berre

PhD Bio-Science, Plastic Surgery Coordinator, Metro Beauty Centers

Patients for plastic surgery are usually well-informed patients. First off, because they are self-conscious of their appearance and are aiming at what they feel is best for them. Secondly, because they are usually anxious about seeing their appearance changed by being operated on by a stranger, they want to research their options as much as they can. Finally, because plastic surgeries being elective procedures, there is no urgency to undertake them, the time is on their side to research their options and to educate themselves. 

Thinking through it

As plastic surgeries might be seen as superficial or unnecessary to the well-being, people tend to assign them a skewed value, most often times, inversely correlated to their cost, that in turn, invalidates their benefits. Such a distorted perception can be a treacherous path for some patients, who are now going to be on the look for “cheaper, better” alternatives. The fact of the matter is that such undertaking remains a serious matter, both in terms of personal finances and outcome, even more so, when the patient is a bit knowledgeable about the operating techniques.

As a start, a reputable surgeon will probably have privilege access so as to work in the operating theater of a hospital. This is usually a guarantee of quality and integrity that is partially reflected in the price paid for the surgery. In the eventuality of a problematic issue, the other specialists are immediately available to lend help. It is not uncommon to read the news of tragedies hitting patients in private clinics whilst having a minor surgery performed because the doctor did not know how to address the complication that arose. So, the first question one might ask oneself thinking about going for a complex plastic surgery is whether or not the surgery would take place in a hospital or in a clinic.

The surgeon’s fee is based on three factors:

– the surgeon’s expertise,

– the complexity of the operation

– and the time spent on operating.

It takes a lot of hard work and years to become a doctor, even more so to become a plastic surgeon. You must stay up-to-date with the new techniques and train on a regular basis. Keeping in mind that doctors can only spend their time on one patient at the time, the surgeon’s fee must reflect all of these.

The expertise of the surgeon is the art of constantly assigning value to the given therapeutic intervention as the potential benefit to the patient in relation to the potential risk. It usually comes from experience and years of practice. Based on the risk–benefit ratio, surgeons decide of which technique is best suited to a particular case.

The complexity of the procedure is the third factor to weigh in. Complexity may arise from an existing condition, but more often finds it cause in a poorly performed previous operation, that leads to a facelift revision or a secondary rhinoplasty. Complexity can only be addressed with the appropriate understanding, good operation preparation and adequate techniques with their post operative care. Nothing will replace these when a surgeon needs to know what he/she is doing.

In some instances, the fame of the surgeon may come into play as well. A high-in-demand, successful multi-specialist practitioner might command a higher fee for his/her work, as hallmark of his/her sought-after expertise.

Cheaper often ends up being more expensive

The happiness brought by a great operation will still be enjoyed when the costs would have long been forgotten. This is to be compared with an ill-planned and executed operation that might have been cheaper, but that delivered unsatisfactory results alongside with problematic outcome. They will be a cruel daily reminder of a miscalculated decision, made on wrong information or assumptions.

In such cases, patients are most of the time, unwilling to return to the first surgeon so as to find a way to correction. They resort to looking for an expert who might have to charge more than if it would have been a primary operation, as a result of new issues that arose from the damage done. The cheaper procedure will pile up expenses, sorrow and drawbacks, when these extra hidden costs, could have been avoided at the first place.

Metro Beauty Centers, Mr Renaud d'Hercourt, international care manager

The right way to think about getting a plastic surgery

It is a very good thing to be curious and eager to learn about plastic surgery. Afterall, it is a rich and fascinating subject that aims at bringing joy to its patients. Finding an appropriate surgeon should be your number one consideration. A good surgeon has been educated for years to reach this level of expertise, and is being continuously trained to new techniques and medical improvements. There is a myriad of details that come into play in the success of a surgery, a great surgeon is aware of these and is best equipped to make the right decisions in your particular case.

Good indicators that a surgeon is good are: that the surgeon has been around for a long time and you have not heard of major complains with patients. A great surgeon does not need to undersell (price-wise) or oversell (marketing) to bag customers. A good surgeon knows more than one technique to address a corrective surgery, has a plan and a logical reasoning to perform a surgery in a particular fashion.

If plastic surgeries are not essential to life, they can be essential to quality of life to some, however. They can be viewed as a treat, and it’s perfectly all right to make yourself happy with them and put the odds on your side. Now, since you have decided to pamper yourself, you should look at maximizing your investment, and Metro Beauty Centers provides you with such a synergy by appointing a specialist able to assist you in your quest, at no extra cost to you. Why not start here?