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Here’s what you need to know about injectable skinboosters and their fabulous benefits for your skin.

What are Skinboosters?

At Metro Beauty Centers, we help take the guesswork out of aesthetic medicine procedures by giving our patients the most up-to-date and personalized advice about which types of treatments will work best for them. So, when it comes to injectable skinboosters, it’s helpful to know the different brands and types of products available. As a general rule of thumb, they come in three varieties. There are skin boosters that work to hydrate the skin, giving a glowing complexion. There are also skin boosters that work deeper within the skin to bio-revitalize it from within. The third category is skin boosters for tissue-engineering that recalibrate volume to the face and body. Read on to find out more about the injectable skin boosters available at Metro Beauty Centers in Bangkok.


BELOTERO® Revive from Merz Aesthetics is specially formulated to effectively target mild cases of photodamaged facial skin. This relatively new injectable skinboosters signature BELOTERO®’s patented CPM® technology works as a skin perfector with an added ingredient of glycerol that hydrates the skin to high levels.

BELOTERO® Revive works best when injected in different levels of the skin, and with this dynamic technique, the skin is hydrated to levels previously unattainable, while restoring elasticity and firmness. Besides its hydration benefits, this injectable also softens fine lines, working as a preventive therapy that prevents facial features from aging at a rapid pace.

BELOTERO® Revive also has a useful function to fill scars that cause depressions in the facial structure, working as an effective injectable resorbable implant. For optimum results, a series of three treatments, once every four weeks, is suggested.

The recent BELOVE study indicated that Belotero® Revive’s efficacy in providing up to 36 weeks of improved skin hydration with 100% of patients in the test group displaying positive results at week 12 of the treatment course. 80% of patients that comprised the BELOVE study remained satisfied with the procedure at week 24.

Belotero Revive Skinboosters
Juvederm Volite Skinboosters

Juvederm Volite

This is an injectable treatment designed to enhance skin quality for up to nine months. Juvederm Volite is composed of a skin conditioning hyaluronic acid gel (and is not a dermal filler). This product works best when injected into the middle layers of the dermis in multiple areas. This works to revitalize the skin from within. Juvederm Volite has triple benefits that include skin hydration courtesy of hyaluronic acid’s high water-binding abilities; increases elasticity due to hyaluronic acid’s ability to stimulate collagen production; skin perfecting qualities that make fine lines and wrinkles things of the past.

Juvederm Volite is suitable for all ages and skin types. Areas that benefit the most from Juvederm Volite are the face, neck, décolletage, and hands.


Known as a poly-L-lactic acid (PLLA) collagen stimulator, Sculptra augments hollowness and sunkenness of facial contours due to aging. With Sculptra treatments, the injectable is placed into the inner structure of the skin, engineering the production of new collagen that firms and smoothes the skin. This injectable is also effective when placed in areas of the body where there is skin droopiness or laxity. When injected into the inner dermis, Sculptra kick-starts the body’s collagen production and reinforces the skin’s structural web. This is done when the product’s PLLA microparticles are integrated with your own cells, sparking a process of collagen regeneration, strand by strand. Effects from a series of the suggested three treatments in tri-monthly intervals last from 24-36 months, depending on the patient’s original skin condition.

Sculptra is the best tissue engineering skinbooster for facial rejuvenation and is now available at Metro Beauty Centers

Rejuran Healer

A recent FDA-approved aesthetic medicine breakthrough comes in the form of Korean injectable, Rejuran Healer. Active ingredients in this injectable comprise Polynucleotides (PN) suspended in a gel formation; it’s comparable to the elements that form human DNA. These Polynucleotides (PN) derive from a species of salmon whose DNA is the closest match to human DNA. These salmon-derived Polynucleotides (PN) are purified and transformed into molecules optimized for human skin.

Rejuran Healer works remarkably well on mature or sun-damaged skin with varying tone and texture, sagging and fine wrinkles, as well as skin with post-acne scarring. The areas that benefit the most from Rejuran Healer are parts of the face, including the forehead, midface, temples, cheeks, and neck.

A course of three treatments once every four weeks is recommended. Benefits include discernible lifting effects, more elastic skin, finer textures, and fewer apparent wrinkles. Over time, the skin regains its protective layers. There is also less inflammation and sebum production.


Another popular injectable for its skin-boosting qualities is the dual-action Neuraderm. Key benefits of this product include the scientific mimicking of the effects of botulinum toxin. By doing so, the skin is enhanced, and patients who are injected with botulinum toxin on a regular basis will find that the effects from these treatments are noticeably extended.

Neuraderm is composed of ingredients such as M. Biome-BT, a potent mix of SNARE complex (VAMP2) derived peptides and cell-penetrating peptides. This intelligent SNARE complex works to limit the release of neurotransmitters. By doing so, Neuraderm has a similar function as botulinum toxin. So with Neuraderm, patients find that less frequent botulinum toxin treatments are needed.

Besides wrinkle reduction, Neuraderm with its 56 active ingredients including hyaluronic acid, M.Biome-BT, 21 amino acids such as glutathione, 10 minerals, adenosine, nine vitamins, and three nucleic acids. When combined, these 56 ingredients elevate the product’s effectiveness to a whole new level. Benefits include definitive improvements in the skin’s radiance, density, elasticity, and texture.

neuraderm korean Skinboosters


Known as the Korean version of popular skinboosters Profhilo, AIOR 50 is a safe and effective injectable without BDDE or chemical cross-linking agents. Typically, used to rejuvenate the skin, AIOR 50 works to hydrate and stimulate the production of new collagen.

A syringe of AIOR 50 is injected into five specific areas of the face. By doing so, the product reforms the skin’s extracellular matrix; switches on collagen and elastin production; reduces the appearance of wrinkles; increases skin density and tautness, evens out skin tone; and revitalizes damaged skin.

aior50 skinboosters


An effective tool in the skin whitening toolbox, NEO GLUTANEX-GLOW comprises the most effective ingredients to brighten, revitalize, and strengthen the skin. The result: noticeably hydrated and radiant skin. NEO GLUTANEX GLOW contains pure glutathione, PDRN, growth factors, argireline, hyaluronic acid, collagen, and over 20 other peptides and vitamins. These active ingredients equate to NEO GLUTANEX GLOW being a mesotherapy product that is second to none.

NEO GLUTANEX GLOW works as an instant skin whitening and rejuvenation treatment. This effectively means that uneven dull skin, large pores, dark spots, acne, clear freckles, wrinkles caused by increasing age, and dry skin are no longer issues to worry about.

NEO GLUTANEX GLOW contains medical-grade glutathione produced by lyophilized technology that ensures the delivery of the purest contaminant-free source of glutathione.

GANA Face-lyft

This duo-action injectable is a combination of hyaluronic acid and PLLA. Hyaluronic acid is an effective skin boosting ingredient that noticeably improves, lifts, hydrates, whitens, tightens pores, and increases the skin’s collagen production. PLLA comprises a biodegradable material with excellent bio-absorbability and bio-compatibility.

PLLA, a material used in dissolvable medical sutures, microspheres as well as elastomer materials for organ support, helps to create support and volume by adding ‘scaffolding’ to the skin. This results in lifted-looking skin with greater volume in areas of the face (apart from the forehead, lips, nose, and areas under the eyes) that may perhaps look sunken or hollow.

GANA Face-lyft also works effectively in parts of the body such as breasts, hips, as well as in acne-scarred areas. Effects of the treatment such as elegant contouring and a more youthful filled-out appearance can be seen four to eight weeks after treatment and last for up to two years. A series of two to three treatments are suggested for the best outcomes.

Skinboosters prices

Belotero Revive — 16,000 THB for 1 cc (28,000 THB for 2 cc)

Juvederm Volite — 18,000 THB for 1 cc (32,000 THB for 2 cc)

Sculptra — 35,000 THB  for 1 vial (10 cc)

Neo-Glutanex Glow — 7,000 THB (12,000 THB for 2 vials)

Neuraderm — 7,000 THB (12,000 THB for 2 vials)

Aior50 — 15,000 THB for 2 cc

GANA Face-Lyft (HA + PLA) — 20,000 THB

Rejuran Healer — 14,500 THB for 2cc