Botox, or how to turn back the clock without surgery

Wrinkles and facial asymmetry are usually resulting from the displacement of fat deposits, the depletion of collagen in the soft tissues, compounded by the contraction, over thousands and thousands of times, of subcutaneous facial muscles.

This process can be halted or gently slowed down with precise injections of a solution of “Botulinum toxin A”. Also famously known under the generic name of “Botox”, it is directed to specific area of the tensing muscles, allowing them to rest and returning the skin some of its youthful smoothness.

Botox is a precious ally to anyone desiring a refreshed, natural look, alone, or alongside other interventions.


Botox Injections with Metro Beauty Centers

Botox injections offer great results when the action of a tensing nerve is responsible for the alteration of the facial harmony. The persistence of the effect depends on the quality of the injection, whilst the esthetic aspects depend on the physician’s touch and the intimate understanding of the patient’s physiological peculiarities.

Metro Beauty Centers are a top choice for smooth, deeply satisfying and harmonious results. Our choices of physicians, products, well-crafted techniques and deep understanding of the anatomy are a guarantee resulting from excellence in practice.

If the effects of the Botox injections are not permanent, they remain for several months. In this view, given the case of a first time candidate, a “less is best” approach is preferable. The first injection of botulin toxin might be suboptimal, as it is necessary to proceed with caution to evaluate firstly the reactions and effects of the products on the patient’s facial expression.

In which case, it is therefore possible to reevaluate the brand and dosages to be used, and secondary corrective injections are possible during the follow up visit.


What results to expect with botox injections?

Unlike dermal fillers, botox injections take effect gradually: within 3 to 5 days following the injection, with full results being observable roundabout 10 days later. The effects last from 3 months to 6 months, variations due to the brand and to one’s individual reaction to the product.

How to plan botox injections?

Too much of a botox can be counterproductive, it is therefore necessary to understand that a carefully planned approach is preferable to a rash one. Too much botox could adversely affect the esthetical rendition, and botox injected too frequently might provoke a resistance to the product making it inefficient.

Depending on the satisfaction brought by the brand used, you might plan for 2 to 3 botox treatments yearly.


How much do botox injections cost?

The benchmark by which costs for botox injections can be estimated, is the solution’s unit. The price per unit depends on the brand.

The most famous brand, Botox, from Allergan is computed at 250 thai baht per unit, in any clinic of Metro Beauty Centers, it offers a 6 months effectiveness, with excellent results and very good value for money.

Our second brand, Hugel, is Korean, is equally good but offers a shorter time of action, of around 4 months, goes for 170 thai baht only per unit .

What is the procedure and the after care?

Botox injections are simple and uneventful procedures, taking no more than a few minutes of your time. With the help of a very fine needle, a minuscule amount of solution is precisely injected in various spots of the face or body. The application of a topical anesthetic dulls the pinch of the needle. You may resume most of your daily activities right after, the injections leaving no marks.

One should avoid laying down, rubbing the areas of injections during the next 4 hours. Laser treatments, sauna, steam rooms are to be avoided 2 weeks following the procedure. You can and should maintain your skin regimen and treatment if any.

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