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Rejuran Healer

Rejuran Healer: a revolutionary treatment from Korea that makes skin ‘grow younger’
Renaud d’Hercourt

International Care Manager, Metro Beauty Centers

A recent FDA-approved aesthetic medicine breakthrough comes in the form of Korean injectable, Rejuran Healer. Now we know why K-drama and K-pop stars have such flawless skin. It’s a composite of biologically active molecules designed to kickstart the skin’s healing process. This safe, popular, and effective treatment is available at Metro Beauty Centers in Bangkok. Before deciding if Rejuran Healer is right for you, here’s some information about the treatment and what it can do for you.

Works for All Age Groups

In just a few years since its launch, Rejuran Healer has taken the global aesthetic industry by storm. Its noticeable youthening effects on mature skin are highly desired, as is its ability to make people in their thirties look younger for longer. The areas that benefit the most from Rejuran Healer are parts of the face, including the forehead, temples, cheeks, and neck.

Rejuran Healer also shows remarkable efficacy on mature or sun-damaged skin with varying tone and texture, sagging and fine wrinkles, as well as skin with post-acne scarring.

A Wealth of Benefits

While not a fountain of youth in a syringe, Rejuran Healer has potent abilities to consistently improve the look and feel of one’s skin. After several treatments, you will notice lifting effects, more elastic skin, finer textures, and less apparent wrinkles. Over time, your skin regains its protective layers, and there is less inflammation and sebum production. So you can say goodbye to your shiny, oily face.

Salmon PDRN as Rejuran Healer

Rejuran Healer Mimics the Biological Composition of Human DNA

A syringe of Rejuran Healer comprises Polynucleotides (PN) suspended in a gel formation; it’s comparable to the elements that form a person’s DNA. These Polynucleotides (PN) derive from a species of salmon whose DNA is the closest match to human DNA. These salmon-derived Polynucleotides (PN) are clarified and transformed into molecules optimized for human skin. Salmon DNA has strong compatibility with our DNA, so human skin will take to it like fish to water. Also, the salmon DNA contained in each Rejuran Healer product has been laboratory configured, so it doesn’t contain any type of immunogenic proteins that spark any forms of immune response. In other words, Rejuran Healer is biologically perfect for your skin. Also, the Polynucleotides (PN) contained in Rejuran Healer are building blocks that get straight to work once injected into the skin to repair damaged cells and strengthen parts of skin that are sagging. Due to these positive attributes, Rejuran Healer works well as a complementary treatment to, for example, energy or light-based therapies.

More on the Science Backing Rejuran Healer

Your skin will thank you in a couple of months as the rejuvenative processes begin. The growth factors in each Rejuran Healer product are designed to stimulate the growth of new cells and ideal tissue restoration. Rejuran Healer works to provide a lattice-type foundation on which skin cells can thrive so that there is greater and faster replication of healthy cell growth, coupled with noticeably reduced inflammation.

PDRN Action in Rejuran Healer

What to Expect After a Rejuran Healer Treatment

At Metro Beauty Centers, your comfort and satisfaction are most important to us. The treatment procedure includes a face cleanse. Numbing cream (and on occasion, nerve blockers) will be applied. Rejuran Healer is then injected into the skin. For the next 24-48 hours, the skin might have small bumps or minor bruising that will disappear.

Our patients usually notice their results two weeks after the first treatment. [A series of three treatments, one every four weeks, is suggested for optimal results.] To maintain your desired results, a treatment every three to four months (after the initial three procedures) is suggested.

What to Keep in Mind

Patients usually feel slight discomfort when Rejuran enters the skin, but the level of pain is effectively managed with numbing cream and nerve blockers. The procedure will take around an hour, including local anesthetic application and the treatment itself. The skin might have minor bruising, so it’s best not to plan any events for a day or so after the treatment.

Rejuran in Bangkok Metro Beauty Centers

Rejuran Healer vs. Juvederm Volite and Belotero Revive

Rejuran Healer is best known as a skin ‘healer’ in that it activates a tangible rejuvenation process for the skin. Rejuran Healer and its bioactive salmon DNA programs ‘codes’ into skin cells for them to ‘grow younger.’ Rejuran Healer has minor hydration benefits compared to Juvederm Volite and Belotero Revive. Also, Rejuran Healer’s skin perfecting benefits show after several weeks.
Skin boosters such as Juvederm Volite, on the other hand, are injectable, extremely low viscosity dermal fillers that boost moisture levels, activate collagen production, plump up skin, and impart a fresh instant glow.

The effects of Juvederm Volite last up to nine months. There is also Belotero Revive, a skin booster from MerzAesthetics in Switzerland, a company that manufactures the Belotero range of dermal fillers. Belotero Revives contains hyaluronic acid and glycerin, which also hydrates and revitalizes the skin. Belotero Revive works best on areas of the face such as the cheeks, around the mouth, and the neck (which often shows signs of aging faster).

At Metro Beauty Centers, we tailor treatment procedures according to our patients’ concerns, so a combination treatment of Rejuran Healer and skin boosters such as Juvederm Volite or Belotero Revive often produces exceptional benefits.

Combining Rejuran Healer with Botox and Other Dermal Fillers

The different benefits of each product when combined (for example, Rejuran Healer with Botox and skin boosters such as Juvederm Volite or Belotero Revive) give optimal results.

What Results to Expect (and When)

In 14 days, skin texture improves as the Polynucleotides (PN) get to work.

In 30 days, pores shrink, and the quality of skin increases.

In 60 days, the skin becomes more lifted, a degree of elasticity returns to aging skin, while skin pigmentation is lessened. The effects are cumulative; after the first three treatments, it’s recommended that procedures be spaced out once every four months so that the skin continues to receive its ‘grow younger’ codes from Rejuran Healer’s Polynucleotides (PN). With each Rejuran Healer treatment, the skin becomes the best it can be in look and feel!

Rejuran Healer in Bangkok
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