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Navigating the Beauty Industry in Asia

One of the fastest-rising industries in Asia is the beauty and personal care industry. Over the years it has evolved to different components: prestige, premium, and masstige brands. In this article, we will take a closer look at some of Asia’s most popular countries for beauty products and aesthetics treatments.

Health & Beauty Feature Writer

Francine Kaye Acelar

Health & Beauty Feature Writer

All Eyes on South Korea

Before South Korea became known as the land of oppas and dancing girl groups, the country has a bustling beauty industry. South Korea has joined the frontrunners in the global cosmetics industry, France and Japan, to make a name for itself for innovative treatments and high-quality products. Since then, K-beauty products have staked their claim in a lot of countries in and beyond Asia.  

One of the many reasons for its success is the cultural significance of physical appearance and beauty. A person’s future and career choices, i.e. hiring process and promotions at work, can be significantly impacted by how he/she looks or presents him/herself. This is what fuels the high demand for beauty products and surgical interventions to attain the “right South Korean look”.  The beauty industry in South Korea is gigantic, fragmented, and globally competitive. Brands are constantly innovating and developing new products that can appeal to new and existing customers.

Up and Coming J-Beauty

Hot on the heels of South Korea is the beauty and skincare industry in Japan. The market is well established and takes full advantage of technology. Japan has been known as the ‘newly awakened dragon’ of the beauty industry in Asia. The Japanese market abounds with cultural context, elegant ceremonies, and beauty mania. 

The Japanese consumers are meticulous and are well-informed of the chemical formulations used in hair-related personal care products. Those who purchase beauty products in Japan are increasingly becoming more meticulous and value-focused. They look for products that stand put in design, packaging, and promotion. Although their tastes and preferences could change with trends and they would consider trying something new sometimes, they look for value propositions first and foremost.

Looking Good: Thailand Beauty Market

An up-and-coming big player in the beauty industry in Asia is Thailand. The beauty retail market in the country is fast-changing and is made up of local and foreign i.e. Western consumers. New trends and rapid expansion are a common occurrence, driven by Thailand’s robust economic growth. Additionally, the Thai market has shifted its preferences to high-quality, luxurious products and treatments.

A growing number of beauty clinics have established themselves in Thailand, especially in the metropolis. Thanks to the growing purchasing power of the middle class and ever-growing medical tourism, aesthetic beauty treatments in Thailand are rapidly becoming mainstream. Over the years, local Thai and foreign consumers have become more discerning of professional expertise and high-quality products.

Metro Beauty Centers Co., Ltd.

One of the most trusted beauty clinic in Thailand is Metro Beauty Centers (The Metro Clinic). What makes Metro Beauty Centers standing out from the rest is its combination of Thai and French aesthetics expertise. A brainchild of Mr. Nopphon Jaideethae and Mr. Renaud d’Hercourt, Metro Beauty Centers has received WhatClinic’s Patient Service Award every year since 2015. Winning WhatClinic’s award is no easy feat — the website awards only the best clinics worldwide and has a rigorous process of verifying customer reviews. Metro Beauty Centers provides Botox, Dermal Fillers, Ultherapy, HIFU, Thread Lifting and PRP among other treatments. Their head office and main center is conveniently located at the Park Ventures Ecoplex, hosting the Okura Prestige Hotel and directly connecting to the BTS station Phloen Chit.

Metro Beauty Centers' team at work

Metro Beauty Center’s A-team

Dr. Peeraya Likitkiatikul is an internationally recognized medical aesthetic expert in Thailand who specializes in injectable fillers and Botox treatments. She practices in only the most reputable clinics in Bangkok including Metro Beauty Centers. Many international and Thai customers request to be personally taken care of by Dr. Peeraya. She has a conservative approach and years of expertise — qualities that are few and far between in the beauty industry in Thailand.

Dr. Kwankamol Woottisheattapai (Dr. Namwan) is a professional dermatologist who specializes in skin laser and facial design (Botox, Filler, Thread lift, Ulthera, and Thermage). She graduated from Mahidol University with more than 7 years of professional experience.

Dr. Wiroj Suyapieang (Dr. Nick) has received his MD from Chiang Mai University and later on his Master of Science in Clinical Dermatology at King’s College, University of London. Dr.Nick worked in London practicing dermatology in some of London’s most elite clinics before returning to Thailand to continue his work. A short while after, Dr.Nick moved to Singapore to work in one of the largest pharmaceutical companies that produces and distributes aesthetic medical products as a specialist trainer for doctors from all over South East Asia on Botox. Dr.Nick has worked in various elite clinics and hospitals in Bangkok, Pattaya, and Phuket before opening his practice and joining the Metro Beauty Centers network.

Dr. Pasawee Natheethong is a professional dermatologist who specializes in skin laser and facial design (Botox, Filler, Thread lift, Ulthera, Thermage). He graduated Chulalongkorn University (second class honour),  has more than five years of professional experience and is working with Metro Beauty Centers since 2020. 

Mr. Renaud is Metro Beauty Center’s international care manager. He leverages his years of experience as a founder of Eden Men Institute, a beauty institute in Paris. He has also worked as a butler in France’s most high-end, five-star palaces such as Hotel George V, the Meurice Hotel, and the Plaza Athénée before becoming the personal butler of the late Japanese fashion designer Mr. Kenzō Takada for over a decade, in Paris and Thailand.  Mr. Renaud’s years of experience in the hospitality and aesthetics industry is what has made Metro Beauty Centers known for its personalized, high-quality customer service.

Mr Renaud d'Hercourt, International Care Manager

What Customers Say

Some of the center’s well-known patrons were the late Mr. Kenzo Takada and the late famous architect Edward Tuttle — whose passing in 2020 has brought the doctors and staff at the clinic great pain and sadness. Meanwhile, customers such as Miss Diana Mikiany of London have always flown to Bangkok and sought out Metro Beauty Centers for her beauty treatments before the pandemic happened. Nonetheless, the customer base of Thai celebrities and VIP personalities from Hong Kong, Singapore and Monaco continues to grow.

Here are some customer reviews lifted from the reviews:

“Metro Beauty Centers is the Absolutely Great Clinic be it in terms of courtesy and approachable nature of Renaud or the Aesthetic services done by Dr Achita. I have visited this clinic several times and I shall always visit more whenever needed in future. Thank you so much and I surely recommend this clinic to anyone looking for the services they provide. See You Soon.”

 — Lilly, Bhutan

“I remember the first treatment that I had with Renaud, It was beyond the best I could ever expect, I told myself I will never go anywhere else and this is the case since 2015. I was mesmerized by the level of professionalism and the kindness of his team; They always understand what I want, advise for the best, never try to upsell. Renaud is following up after the treatment even after I returned. Impeccable!”

— Aichatou, Canada

“This clinic and its staff especially Renault have been amazing. They listened to me fully and answered every question I had without losing patience. The results of the fillers were amazing! Their knowledge, customers service and attention are well beyond my expectation. They are fabulous and I would recommend this clinic anytime. Well done!”

— Frederique Deleage, Thailand

Read more from the WhatClinic website

Future of Asia’s Beauty Industry

A lot of industries are greatly affected by the pandemic and the beauty industry is not spared. Fortunately, the personal care industry in Asia has recovered relatively quickly following the pandemic’s peak. Although the beauty and personal care market in South Korea has shrunk by -8%, its expected growth is pegged at 5.22%. There is a lesser impact in Thailand with a decline of -2.1%, but an expected annual growth of 7.6%

The pandemic has forced consumers to tighten the purse strings. Consumers have become more prudent about maximizing the value of every spending. It doesn’t necessarily mean that they will go buy the cheapest product or service, but they will evaluate their choices based on quality and value — a prospect that makes the team at Metro Beauty Centers excited.

Final Words

South Korea, Japan, and Thailand have joined the ranks of the world’s leading countries for beauty industries. It is not surprising as these emerging markets are home to many of the most innovative products and high-quality beauty clinics. One of them is Metro Beauty Centers. If you are looking for first-class aesthetic treatments in Thailand that provide a personal touch, get in touch today.

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