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– the miracle toxin that reshapes bulky shoulder muscles and refines facial features
Renaud d'Hercourt

International care manager, Metro Beauty Centers

Everyone has a beauty tale in a world where injectable cosmetic procedures are becoming as staple as mani-pedicures. So perhaps it’s time I reveal my story.  Botox was my cosmetic toxin of choice and an entry way into this shiny new world where wrinkles and frowns would vanish in a few short days after each treatment. These included erasing crow’s feet and frowns to ironing out a deep wrinkle that spliced a deep line between my eyebrows. As you’d expect from the sounds of things, in my 30s, my beauty story was already epic. After three (yes, three!) nose jobs in the late 1990s left me with a sizable amount of loose skin in the area where the nose tip meets the mouth. This pearl-sized protrusion was quite literally a nightmare to deal with on a daily basis. Imagine the sadness from being teased as an adult for an issue that resulted from procedures that were meant to improve one’s looks.

At that time in my life, a revision nose job wasn’t really feasible, and after months of frantic Google-led research, I chanced upon a website with information on how minute doses of botox can effectively shrink excess nose skin in what plastic surgeons term as a ‘hanging columella’.  Apparently, I wasn’t the only person who had this issue – 1990s rhinoplasty techniques were quite basic. So after my doctor injected five units of botox in the area, the excess skin below the nose tip began to shrink, and after regular repeated injections over the course of a year, the skin regained its taut shape. The pearl-sized extremity was no longer! This is, quite literally, the beauty of botox. This miracle toxin continues to be a reliable treatment modality for times when extra jawline definition is needed or to tighten loose skin in the neck area. For the latter, a series of radiofrequency treatments coupled with micro-doses of botox injected in the neck area has shown excellent results.

By now I’m sure you get the full picture. The toxin has multi-uses with minimal side effects as long as the doctor is aware of your needs and expectations. Botox works effectively to slim bulky jaw muscles (known as the masseter) and to taper the largest muscle in the body – the trapezius. This leads to my next Botox story. After years of being a glamorous ‘office lady’, hunkered over a desk pouring over documents, I developed chronic pain in my shoulder area that no massage or remedial therapy could offer lasting relief. But with regular botox injections in the trapezius muscles, my chronic pain became manageable after a month, and has since been reduced to a slight ache once in a while.

Known as TrapTox, the trapezius botox treatment involves injecting a custom-selected dosage of botox into the trapezius, a muscle that stretches from the upper back through to the neck, You know, the chunky shoulders male swimmers are envied for, but on females would appear masculine, clumsy, and downright undesirable. Botox when injected into the trapezius (or any other muscle in the body, for that matter) effectively works to block signals from the nerves to the muscles. The visible physical effects create a streamlined, slimmed down effect. It might seem slightly intimidating having a needle injected into a major muscle in the body, but with a skillful doctor, most patients rarely feel anything during the procedure.

So, what exactly does a TrapTox treatment do? Well, it crafts a delicate and elegant shoulder line for one, while adding length to one’s neck appearance. An image of a graceful swan or ballerina springs to mind. Physiologically, botox when injected into muscles releases tension and to an extent, a large degree of pain – yay!. An added dimension of such a treatment is its benefits for transgender / transitioning people seeking a more clearly accentuated feminine appearance. For women who like to look good wearing stilettos, botox also has the ability to slim chunky calf muscles in a matter of a few short months with no changes to one’s diet or exercise routine. But as with all beauty regiments common sense must also be applied – don’t rush out to eat buckets of KFC or ditch the diet just yet!

So you might be thinking: where do I go for my Traptox procedures? In Bangkok, Metro Beauty Centers is my go-to as their team of expert doctors and medical personnel always puts my mind at ease before, during, and after treatments!

What you need to know about trapezius botox treatments at Metro Beauty Centers

How long can the effects of trapezius botox be seen?

If the treatment is for cosmetic purposes, it usually takes two to four sessions, spaced between a minimum of four months; and once the desired shape is reached, one maintenance session with a smaller dosage every six months is enough. However for chronic pain, one session every four to five months is usually required.

Should I expect any side-effects?

There could be residual soreness from the injections along with possible bruising – there is a substantial surface area of the body covered. Skilled doctors have the know-how to adapt to each patient’s needs, requirements and make the experience as minimal in discomfort as possible.

When can I exercise or get back to my usual activities?

As with all botox injections, there is minimal downtime. However, patients should refrain from any form of shoulder workouts for at least 24 hours after the procedure along with avoiding saunas or steam rooms for at least three weeks.

Why choose Metro Beauty Centers for your treatment needs

At Metro Beauty Centers you are assured that our team of doctors and medical professionals are the very best at what they do. With skill sets perfected during years of training and treating patients, our doctors can advise you on the optimal botox dosage along with frequency of treatments for effective and long lasting results. Patients at our clinic can be assured of the highest levels of attention and expertise during and after your time at the clinic. Our patient aftercare is legendary in that, there will always be a listening ear post and pre-treatments that addresses any questions and concerns you might have. Our team’s attention to detail and empathetic care towards our patients around the world who come for a vast range of cosmetic beauty treatments ranging from botox, filler and stem cell treatments to revolutionary machine-based procedures such as Potenza, Thermage and Ultraformer, is stellar.

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