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Here are 8 Things (Most) Aesthetic Clinics in Thailand Don’t Want You To Know

- essential points to consider on where to get aesthetic procedures in Bangkok.
Health & Beauty Feature Writer
Francine Kaye Acelar

Health & Beauty Feature Writer

We speak to Renaud D’Hercourt, International Care Manager at The Metro Clinic, about essential points to consider when deciding on where to get aesthetic procedures in Bangkok.

1. A tale of two very different types of patients

There are two different markets in Thailand for aesthetic treatments. There is the foreigner-oriented market, and there is the market for locals. It’s extremely competitive in Thailand. There are close to 1500 clinics nationwide, which like in most other cities in the world, means that some clinics offer low prices with low quality products. In some cases, these establishments even use fake products. When clinics are more oriented towards international patients, the level of both services and products are high. It’s important to differentiate these two markets.

2. What you need to understand about ‘marketing’

When there are so many clinics in Bangkok offering promotions, it’s also useful to note how these promotional mechanisms work. There is a typical and specific way of doing marketing, which might sound appealing to some patients who are used to bargaining for better deals. However, it’s always advantageous to take a closer look at what’s being offered and at what price points. The ‘good’ deal that is presented might not be such a bargain after all. For example, when a ‘promotion’ is offered by some clinics in Thailand, the original markup price is extremely high. This makes the ‘offer’ price close to normal pricing – or in some cases higher than at other clinics that don’t offer promotions.

3. More about this…when a good deal might not actually be the best deal

At The Metro Clinic, each time there is an inquiry on our latest promotions, the answer is always: “we do not have any current promotions”. Our pricing structure is transparent and fair. We are always happy to offer some discounts when we can. Or when patients do multiple treatments in one session. But, as a general rule of thumb, we don’t run promotions. It’s human nature to want (and to find) better deals or prices – however, it’s always useful to know what the normal price is to start. For example, Juvederm Voluma is priced at 20,000 baht for one ml at our clinic. But at a different clinic, the price could be 30,000 baht. Such places might offer a promotional price of 24,000 baht for the same product our clinic offers at 20,000.

Customers will go to that clinic offering 24,000 baht for one ml of Juvederm Voluma because they might feel as if they got an excellent deal at the other clinic. They received a 6,000 baht discount. At The Metro Clinic, our pricing is clear, and without subterfuge.

4. Always insist on top-notch products (that aren’t nearing their expiry dates)

Another example of cheaper products could be ones with their expiry dates fast-approaching. Such clinics will lower the prices of these said products; for example, botox or fillers. However, soon-expiring products are not necessarily inferior, but the preservatives contained in these products will most likely not work as efficiently. At The Metro Clinic, our stock is managed well as we have a consistent stream of patients. But, a clinic without many patients will at some point have to deal with inventory that is nearing their expiry dates – these clinics would sell their products at lower price points.

5. We work with the best doctors from the Thailand’s top universities

Besides using quality products, the doctors who perform aesthetic procedures can’t be valued enough. Good doctors are not cheap. They qualified from the best universities in the country. At our clinic, the doctors come from places such as Chulalongkorn and Mahidol University. It’s expensive to study at such institutions. The doctors who spent so much money studying in such universities, at the end of the day, do not work for low rates. To ensure quality aesthetic treatments and their highly desirable outcomes, the combination of using products of the highest quality administered by doctors qualifying from the country’s top universities, is essential.

6. Why you should be wary of ‘cheap’ prices

When prices of treatments are too cheap, you should raise your suspicions. Very cheap prices in Thailand aren’t really a good sign. Only street food should be cheap in Thailand, but medical treatments are not cheap. The products we use, all of which are imported from overseas, isn’t cheap. There is a misconception about pricing of aesthetic treatment in Thailand that we’d like to clarify. Come for the quality of the treatment and for the service. You shouldn’t come to Bangkok for your aesthetic procedures only because it’s cheaper here. Most of our patients say the quality of the service and expertise of the doctors in Thailand can often be far beyond what is normally offered in the United States, for example.

7. Location, location, location

Like every business you need to make some degree of profit in order to pay one’s bills, and to hire the best doctors. We are very transparent with our pricing. We explain everything; and we never compromise on the quality of our treatments. We are in one of the best locations in Bangkok, in probably one of the most expensive buildings (in terms of rental) in the city. The clinic is directly connected to the BTS Skytrain (Phloen Chit station). Our rent is high. This is reflected on the price of the treatment as well. It’s like anywhere in the world. If you do your treatment in Brooklyn, it’s going to be cheaper than if you were to do your treatment on Fifth Avenue. Bangkok is no different.

8. The importance of working with qualified medical professionals

Being in an accessible location is important, and doctors are important. There are other details as well. Our clinic’s medical team comprises registered nurses. These expert staff are responsible for preparing the botox formulations, for instance. Most other clinics hire ordinary non-medically trained beauticians for such important tasks. At The Metro Clinic, we prefer to go with board-registered nurses who know what they are doing. These are the crucial differences that distinguish the award-winning The Metro Clinic as one of the leading aesthetic clinics in Thailand.

8 Things Aesthetic Clinics in Thailand Don’t Want You To Know

8 Things Aesthetic Clinics in Thailand Don’t Want You To Know

We speak to Renaud D’Hercourt, International Care Manager at The Metro Clinic, about essential points to consider when deciding on…

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